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Wij or wy means we in Dutch. Wijipedia is the encyclopedia of we.


We seek to remedy the challenges of Wikipedia, namely systemic bias and gender bias:

the nature and quantity of [Wikipedia’s] content is biased due to the fact that a dominant majority of volunteer Wikipedia editors are male. It is among the most frequent criticisms of Wikipedia, and part of a more general criticism about systemic bias in Wikipedia. Wikipedia has fewer and less extensive articles about women or topics important to women. The Wikimedia Foundation, which runs Wikipedia, agrees with these criticisms and has made an ongoing attempt to increase female editorship of Wikipedia.[1]

We are hugely indebted to all the great work of the Wikipedia project, and we continue to work within Wikipedia to address these challenges. However, many of us have met with resistance when trying to effect change, and therefore Wijipedia was founded.

Welcome, Editors

We welcome all editors, but please use your powers for good. We would love to see pages new or old on history, profiles, creative works, or scientific advancements—you name it. We would especially love to see recovered history—those people and incidents that have been forgotten. This is an encyclopedia, however, and so we're seeking a common vision of history or fact.

Here is a page to help you become a Wijipedian!

About Wijipedia

Wijipedia was founded in March of 2018.

Contact Us

If you'd like to contact us, you can email us at admins@wijipedia.net.

Or you can leave a question or comment on the Discussion/Talk page of this Welcome to Wijipedia page. To do that, either click on the Discussion tab in the upper left of the page, or click here. Don't worry—if you're not familiar with Wijipedia editing, there are instructions.


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